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Steps to Own Your First Cask

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Sign up below and let us know your interest, we will set up a face to face meeting to give you an in-dept guide and details on your owning a whisky cask journey. Based on your needs, we will strategize your portfolio and exit plan before you take further actions.

Certificate of Ownership

Upon confirming your pick, we will proceed with registration of ownership. Our partners are acredited Duty Representatives in UK and Customer Center in Hong Kong. You will be able to reference, contact and enquire at anytime.


Anytime before or after our strategized investment time (usually between 6 months to serveral years at your intent), you may reach out to exit. Through our connection with distilleries, IB bottlers,  private collectors and auction houses, we can facilitate your exit plan or sometimes offer before your intended holding period. 

Why Partner with Us?

We only partner with companies that has established strong relationships with well-known distilleries, granting you access to the most profitable cask prospects and enabling you to acquire the ideal cask for your individual journey. Our exceptional customer service, combined with our extensive expertise in the industry, makes us the easiest route to enter the whisky market. We will assist you in achieving success by leading the way in cask ownership.


Contact Us to Learn More

Let us hear your thought and we will connect you with the most trusted advisory locally. You will learn about the portfolio strategy through face to face meeting with a series of tasting.

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